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Mercy [userpic]
by Mercy (hanyoulove)
at August 20th, 2008 (01:31 pm)

current mood: hopeful

Hello ladies!

I posted a while ago about a dissertation research project I was doing and got some great feedback from everyone here. To refresh or recap (whatever the case may be) I posted a small questionnaire on people who had met their significant others on WoW. That was the focus of my research, but it has shifted slightly as I've done more background reading. Also, with the emergence of sites that promote dating through WoW I don't want my research to turn into an analysis of a dating site.

So, I've switched gears to looking at female identity on the game. It's been really interesting and I've even started blogging some of my observations in-game. Since it is participant observation my blogging is a little less objective than it should be.

Anyway, I would really like any of the girls on here that might be interested in the topic (I know at least one of you commented last time that you had done your dissertation on something similar) to just take a look at my blog and make any comments here or there as to your own perceptions of how you are identified in game. How are you treated? Have you noticed any differences when playing different races/classes?

My blog is at http://walking-dead.org Be gentle as I'm a little apprehensive about sharing it. It's still in the first stages and this is a relatively new thing - blogging about research. Any insight, comments, or constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

In case you guys are interested I have a ton of characters.
70 NE hunter on Hyjal
70 BE warlock on Kil'jaeden
60 NE Hunter on Destromath
40 Draenei shammy on Hyjal
30 Undead Rogue on Kil'jaeden
20 Troll shammy on Kil'jaeden

Just to name a few!

And my boyfriend and I just took advantage of that Refer-a-Friend thing so we're trying to level as many to 60 as we can. He adores leveling way more than end-game stuff so he was all over that.